Award Filipino WWII Veterans the Congressional Gold Medal

The Congressional Gold Medal is the bestowed by the United States Congress to individuals or groups who have made achievements and contributions that have an impact on American history and culture.
On December 14, 2016, former President Barack Obama signed into law the Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015, awarding the Filipino Veterans of World War II the nation’s highest civilian award. Over 260,000 soldiers fought alongside American soldiers under the U.S. Army Forces of the Far East commanded by General Douglas MacArthur. Some 60,000 of these soldiers died in combat, and thousands more were wounded for life or are still missing in action.
The United States Mint will be producing a single Congressional Gold Medal to collectively recognize the contribution of the Filipino Veterans. Eligible Filipino Veterans or a surviving family member will be awarded a bronze replica.
A bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal costs $52.  Majority of the surviving veterans and their widows have limited income.  There is a nationwide fundraising effort to defray the cost of the medals. The Veterans Equity Center – a nonprofit organization – established to advocate for the justice and equity of Filipino World War II veterans, is launching a fundraising campaign to raise $5,000 to help with the national fundraising effort for the Congressional Gold Medal.
Please donate today and join the Veterans Equity Center in honoring our Filipino World War II Veterans.

You can also support VEC’s fundraising efforts by purchasing a Brown Ribbon Campaign Pin for $5.00 each. Student Action for Veterans Equity (SAVE) originally started this campaign on July 26, 2003 to promote the fight for full recognition and equity for Filipino World War II veterans.

Note: All of the proceeds will go towards awarding our veterans the Congressional Gold Medal.
Learn more about the Congressional Gold Medal here. Thank you to our donors!

The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project (FilVetRep) is a national initiative with a mission to raise awareness through academic research and public information and obtain national recognition of Filipino and Filipino-American WWII Soldiers. VEC’s Executive Director, Luisa Antonio, is the FilVetRep Regional Director Representative of CA (Region 9).

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